Saving Lives, Saving Time, Saving Money

Finsen Tech is a global company specialising in the design and manufacture of life-saving UVC disinfection products, services, and solutions that can be effectively utilised across healthcare, hospitality, and other sectors.

Who are we?

Finsen Tech was founded in 2015 with the aim of offering UVC disinfection solutions more effective and better value than the devices which were already on the market.

Since then, we’ve done just that - harnessing the power of UVC light to help clients across the world confidently, effectively and safely disinfect their surgeries, wards, hotels, restaurants, and more.


UVC disinfection itself is the process of using a controlled blast of UV light to kill viruses and bacteria. Its effectiveness is theoretically limitless, but in practical terms, it is restricted by the product used to emit it. Too little intensity, an insufficient duration for the blast, or a failure to comprehensively bathe the disinfection target in light are all potentially limiting factors.


Our products are unique in their deployment of a wide range of in-house innovations designed to effectively preclude these factors - enabling UVC disinfection to be used easily, quickly, consistently and with a high degree of efficacy.


Finsen Tech now supplies room and cabinet-scale UVC disinfection devices to medical and non-medical facilities in countries around the world. Each device has undergone significant clinical testing by unaffiliated third-party researchers, who have unanimously found that our products are extremely effective.


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Salford Royal Hospital is at the forefront when looking at new and initiative cleaning and disinfection products. Finsen Technologies supplied and supported the hospital with the introduction of the THOR robot UV sanitiser. From the initial introduction through to the application of the product we have found Annette, Tristan and the team helpful, conscientious and very knowledgeable.


Ian Jackson, Domestic Services Manager - Salford Royal Hospital